D.E. Mortimer & Co., Ltd.  -

D.E.Mortimer & Co., Ltd. distributes a full line of cost-effective food service disposable supplies for kitchen and dining operations, catering, company events, and break rooms.

Please find below a list of our Food Service Disposables

Aluminum Foil
Film Wrap
Garbage Bags - Can Liners & Recycling Bags
Gloves - Latex, Vinyl & Nitrile
Straws - Wrapped and Sip Straws
Towels - Institutional & Household
Paper Cups
Napkins - Beverage, Dispenser, Lunch & Dinner
Cutlery - Individual and Kits
Tissue - Institutional and Household
Take Out Containers - Microwave, Salad & Foam
Fuels - Chafing Fuel, Liquid Methanol & Butane