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D.E. Mortimer & Co., Ltd.

24 Harvey Road, Paget

Tel: 236-8848


Serving Bermuda from 1964

Micro-Pak Detergent is a highly concentrated, heavy duty formula with a low use cost. It removes tough, greasy soils. Micro-Pak Detergent is encapsulated, so it’s safe, simple and convenient to use!

Temp Det

Temp Det is a non-chlorinated, liquid warewash detergent designed for all temperature warewashing. It is fortified with special water conditioners and grease emulsifiers to tackle the tough jobs. It is very economical, yet strong enough for most applications.

Temp Rinse

Temp Rinse is designed to lower water surface tension, providing clean, spot-free dishware in all temperatures. This product will do an effective job in most water conditions eliminating the worry of water mineral spots remaining on the dishware.

Sanitizer E.S.™ has a no-rinse formula that saves time and labor and is an approved chlorine germicide for effective sanitation. It is recommended for low temperature dishmachines, third tank sink or anywhere an effective sanitizer is needed.