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D.E. Mortimer & Co., Ltd.

24 Harvey Road, Paget

Tel: 236-8848


Serving Bermuda from 1964

MicroTECH™ Break is a hyper-concentrated alkaline builder which contains both water conditioners and iron inhibitors. This unique formula provides great grease fighting ability while handling the toughest water conditions including iron.

MicroTECH™ Liquid Laundry Suds is a liquid detergent designed for use in combination with a recommended liquid break. The combination of these products provides the ultimate in cleaning performance, economy and flexibility. It rapidly wets and penetrates cloth, lifts soil, emulsifies greases and oils and prevents soil redeposition.

MicroTECH™ Destainer is the highest quality concentration of liquid chlorinated destainer available for use in institutional laundries. MicroTECH™ Destainer is produced to stringent manufacturing controls, ensuring the highest available chlorine content and maximum shelf life.

MicroTECH™ Sour is a hyper-concentrated formula that provides the most effective and economical results in applications where a separate sour is preferred. This product can be used with or without microTECH™ Softener, and provides effective pH control, eliminates iron staining and prevents yellowing on all types of fabric.

MicroTECH™ Whisper is a liquid cationic fabric softener for all types of laundry operations. It is highly concentrated to provide fluffy and soft fabric. This product is economical to use because it reduces the pulling and extraction time of loads, eliminates static reduces sticking and increases comfort of all clothes and linens.

State of the Art Dispensing Systems

Diversey's Diverflow OPL is a multi-washer liquid chemical delivery system, serving up to 6 washers with up to 8 chemicals. It is designed for use in medium-sized laundries with washer sizes between 35 and 250 lbs. The ILS OPL uses less wall space and less tubing than single washer dispensers, making installations look neat and professional. Installed on thousands of washers worldwide,it has a track record of performance and reliability.