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EXTENSION :- Christmas Sale @ D.E Mortimer 13th December!
December @ Mortimer
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This Month @ Mortimer - Luxury Foaming Hand Soap & Sanitizer!
Triple Products for a Trickle of a price!


This Month @ Mortimer!
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EXTENSION :- Christmas Sale @ D.E Mortimer 13th December!

Wanted to bring you all the exciting news that we're extending our Christmas sale for ANOTHER Saturday Savings Special!

Come by this Saturday 13th from 9am-1pm to grab savings on everything from laundry detergent to mops, seafood to stainless steel scrubbers AS WELL AS our NEW offer on Christmas Hams & Turkeys! - Dan

December @ Mortimer

This month - I wanted to take the opportunity to show off one of our disinfectant/cleaner combos - E04 Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner - Dan

" Mortimer's E04 has over 80 kill claims which includes, MRSA; CA-MRSA; Influenza A virus; HIV-1; Hepatitis, Athlete’s foot, ringworm and more!"

November @ Mortimer

November @ Mortimer - Private Branding!

Introducing a new exciting feature at D.E Mortimer - Private Branding! Check out our exclusive Page in the listing to your right for more info - grab yourself a unique & stylish selling point for your business! - Daniel, Sales Department

"Working with Daniel and the team at Mortimer - we can construct whole private branded lines of cleaning supplies - you can even create your own name!"

This Month @ Mortimer - Luxury Foaming Hand Soap & Sanitizer!

Good day - hope it finds all of you well. We thought we'd spotlight something quite important this month - Hand Care.

With the wave of germs & infectious diseases cropping up recently - keeping your hands clean & sanitized is a small investment you can make to maintain the health & safety of your most important asset ... your staff! - Daniel - Sales Department.

Triple Products for a Trickle of a price!

Good day all! I just wanted to share a particular find with you - three of our most popular disinfectant products that can clear out your closet without clearing out your budget! - Dan, Sales Department

Labour Day Holiday - September @ Mortimer!

"With Labour Day holiday coming up - some of us will be working, some will not! For those that are - I'm bringing you a couple of products this month that will help cut your budgets with preventative maintenance - bringing you a holiday for your budget!"Dan - Sales

Cleaning Product

"Pour your money down the drain with D.E Mortimer"

Literally! Running any kind of food service enterprise means a lot of cleaning! Over time - the build up of grease & fat, dirt & grime can result in

August @ Mortimer

This month I'm excited to bring you two of my personal favorites from the Mortimer line, my favorite bathroom cleaner & my favorite plate of food! Check them out below-Daniel - Sales

* * *

Mortimer's Cleaning Pick -

Harnessing the natural eco power of Enzymes for the Good Fight against dirt & grime!

"After floor cleaning, the bacterial action of EnziBrite works on mop heads to keep  from developing a sour mop odor"

* * *

Mortimer's Food Pick